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What is a mastermind group?

Our mastermind groups are peer-led groups of 3-6 people who meet on a regular basis to help each other discuss and accomplish their business goals.

Why peer-led mastermind groups?

Is a mastermind group right for me?

If you're an entrepreneur wanting to grow your business, you'll benefit from the accountability and candid feedback you get in your mastermind group.

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“My mastermind group is able to give me raw, honest feedback. They empathize with me, and never judge me. Advice from multiple entrepreneurs who know my business, but aren't emotionally attached to it, is vital.”

Brendan Hufford


Accountability + Feedback = Success

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  • “MastermindJam is now the only resource I recommend when someone asks me where to find like-minded entrepreneurs to form a mastermind group.”
    Rob Walling

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  • “Just had a mastermind with my group organised by MastermindJam - such an excellent use of an hour each week.”
    Richard Watson
    Customer, entrepreneur in S. Africa

Join a mastermind group for feedback about your business from amazing founders like you.

Your mastermind group is your sounding board to speak candidly about your business.

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