Chris Badgett:
Course Creation & Self-Funded Software Business Expert

Are you a founder creating online courses, growing an agency, creating a product, or growing a niche software business?


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Hello, I‘m Chris!

Chris Badgett is the cofounder and CEO of LifterLMS, a software company that helps people deliver online courses and training based membership programs from their WordPress websites.

He is a non technical cofounder with strengths in product vision, selling, community building, and growing teams.

Chris can help online business entrepreneurs in the following areas:

  • transitioning an agency to a product company
  • course creation
  • building online communities
  • achieving product market fit
  • diversified inbound marketing
  • building remote teams
  • product roadmapping
  • pricing for premium positioning
  • marketing automation strategy
  • messaging and copywriting
  • navigating complex business challenges
  • designing your ideal wholistic entrepreneur lifestyle

TL;DR: I help SaaS, Software Development, Course Instructor/Teacher, Coaching, Digital Products, and eCommerce businesses achieve Bot Development, Content Marketing, E-Learning, Distance Learning, Hiring, Online Courses, Online Marketing, WordPress Plugin Development, WordPress, and Pricing success.


Sessions Offered

Chris currently offers these sessions to MastermindJam members¹:

How To Use a SaaS Quickstart Course To Create More Leads, Sales, Accelerate Activation and Reduce Support Expenses

Group of 1 minimum required to book, 4 persons maximum.

  • ¹ Note: sessions offered are subject to change (obviously).

See how Chris can help you plan & create content for your business.

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