Janet Bartoli:
SEO Educator, and SEO Program Subject Matter Expert for SEO Pros & SMBs

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Hello, I’m Janet!

I bring well over 16 years of deep SEO experience working with very large well-known global brands such as Fiat, Verizon, StubHub, and very small local businesses accountants, orthodontists, and digital agencies, to help them understand and apply SEO into their day to day operation.

I've consulted with and developed SEO educational trainings as an Accenture consultant for Accenture's consulting clients, and other professional SEOs and development teams.

I provide direct SEO consulting, coaching & education at whatever level beginner through advanced knowledge levels.

I regularly hold SEO educational training for Small Business, Enterprise content & development teams, and those local business owners who need some basic SEO understanding enough to be dangerous and know how to hire the right consultant or agency.

I also work directly with any professional SEOs who are looking to advance their SEO careers whether in-house or within a digital agency. I can help you with process, strategy, and acquiring bigger clients.

TL;DR: I help B2B, B2C, eCommerce, and Local Bricks & Mortar Retail businesses with monthly gross revenues from $10k-$24.9k achieve SEO, Content Strategy, and Online Marketing success.


Sessions Offered

Janet currently offers these sessions to MastermindJam members¹:

Advancing Your Career as a Professional SEO - The What and How around Leading SEO in-house or agency side

Group of 1 minimum required to book, 4 persons maximum.

  • ¹ Note: sessions offered are subject to change (obviously).

Here's why Janet Bartoli can help you

Janet has been doing SEO since the early 2000’s and has experience with everything from in-house, agency, consulting, speaking, and to educating individuals and teams.

In this podcast interview, Janet talks about what it’s like to be the lead client-facing SEO across all major accounts at several major international firms, what it’s like to lead and develop less experienced SEOs, and what it’s like to work on complex projects that are packed with the pressure to perform.

Janet gives advice on working well with developers, her affinity for in-house SEOs, and much much more.

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