Pedro Cortés:
SaaS Marketing Expert

Does your SaaS company need help turning visitors into customers?


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Hello, I'm Pedro!

I help SaaS companies turn visitors into customers through better messaging and positioning.

This means I help them explain the value of their product on their website so it stands out from the competition and makes people ten times more likely to convert.

The Biggest Problem In SaaS Marketing

SaaS companies are not explaining what their product does and why their visitors would get a ton of value from using it.

This is why your visitors are NOT converting...

If people don't understand how they can get value from your product, why should they convert?


Even if your product is great.

Even if your traffic is super targeted.

Even if you hired an agency to put cool illustrations on your page.

Here's the secret to converting visitors at scale!

There's ONLY one reason why people convert (and no, it's not the color of the CTA!).

Here it is: If your potential customers see they can use your product to fix their problems and get the result they want.

That's it.

This messaging applies to everything in your company including your landing pages, your ads, your content and even your emails!

Here's how I can help YOU

  • I can help you explain the product perfectly on your website to boost your conversions
  • I can help you position your product as the only perfect solution in your market (through some clever positioning strategies).
  • Fix inconsistencies in your messaging that are costing you big time (i.e. different things between landing pages and ads).
  • Identify low hanging conversion opportunities.

Your next step...

Sounds like a fit? Let's chat, book a call with me on MastermindJam or ask me any questions.

TL;DR: I help B2B SaaS businesses with monthly gross revenues from $1k-$4.9k achieve Sales Funnels, Copywriting, and Online Marketing success.

Sessions Offered

(Highly Actionable) Expert Perspective Of Your SaaS Website

This coaching session would basically act as an audit of what's wrong and what could be improved.

If you want a fresh/outside perspective from someone that has seen what works and what doesn't to save you months of time and money, this is for you!

Here's what we can do in this session:

  • Review your website and why it might not be converting
  • Critic your inbound marketing strategy to see if you can attract customers on autopilot
  • Suggest additional marketing channels that might work for you based on all of the different channels I've seen working
  • List out the highest priority (aka most likely to work) changes
  • Give you any resources you might need to execute on the changes

Any questions, let me know!

This is a 1-on-1 coaching session. Enrollment is limited.


Group Brainstorm - How To Use Your SaaS Website To Attract Inbound Leads On Autopilot

Want to use your website as a predictable source of leads (free trials or demos)?

Well... that's not so easy...

I've seen 100's of companies fail at this but I've worked with 10's to make it work, let me share some of that experience so you can get better results.

In this call, I can review everyone's websites to provide feedback on:

  • How to identify the objections your visitors have before converting
  • How to answer those objections on your website and explain your product perfectly (so you get better conversions)
  • A couple of high priority tweaks to help you get maximum results in minimal time.

The best part?

When we are in a group setting you can see what's working and what's not working for everyone else as well as seeing what results they got afterward.

What if the website could get the leads for you? How much would that be worth to you?

SPOILER: A lot ;)

Just book a call and shoot me a message if you have any questions :)

Group of 2 minimum required to book, 4 persons maximum. Enrollment is limited.

See Pedro's proven formula for a perfect SaaS landing page

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