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MastermindJam is the fastest way for online startup founders like you to join a business mastermind group.

Get the most out of your business by joining a mastermind group.

Get the most out of your mastermind group with MastermindJam.

MastermindJam gives you everything you need to join, create, and manage your mastermind group, all without having to waste time cobbling together a bunch of different software, forms, and shared documents, even if you don't have a large personal network.

These are your people. And they're ready to meet you.

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  • “Superb matches! Still getting to know each other but already getting high value feedback & support.”
    Brandi Young
    Software Entrepreneur, MastermindJam Member Since 2015
  • Heidi Brumbaugh
    “Ken, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful service you're providing. This is SO necessary for founders. People really need to understand just how powerful mastermind groups can be. It's a revelation: you're not alone in this anymore. You have support, you have advice, and you can really trust these people. It's just so very important, and I thank you for doing this.”
    Heidi Brumbaugh
    PhD, Startup founder and developer of the Vocab Victor word learning app, MastermindJam Member Since 2016
  • “I love the mastermind group I found through MastermindJam! It was great to have people to talk with about my business who were at similar stages in terms of revenue and team size. We started off as strangers, but after a few meetings we became friends who were rooting for each other's success and holding each other accountable. Even though we eventually disbanded, we still keep in touch for support whenever we need it. Thanks again, Ken. I'm ready for my next group!”
    Jay Gibb
    CEO/Founder, CloudSponge.com, MastermindJam Member Since 2015
  • “I absolutely know that I would not be where I am today if it weren't for my participation in a mastermind group.”
    Pat Flynn
  • “Mastermind groups are one of the defining factors between kick-ass entrepreneurs and those that struggle along.”
    Natalie Sisson
  • “I see a mastermind group as a way to get a group of supportive people around you, a way to have accountability and to have people invested in your startup—mentally invested without having a co-founder.”
    Rob Walling
    Founder and General Partner at TinySeed; Founder of Drip and MicroConf, and Host of Startups for the Rest of Us; RobWalling.com; Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Investor, and Mentor.