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MastermindJam includes everything you'll need to join and be productive in your business mastermind group.

  • “MastermindJam is now the only resource I recommend when someone asks me where to find like-minded entrepreneurs to form a mastermind group.”
    Rob Walling

What is a mastermind group?

Our mastermind groups are peer-led groups of 3-6 people who meet on a regular basis to help each other discuss and accomplish their business goals.

Why peer-led mastermind groups?

Is a mastermind group right for me?

If you're an entrepreneur wanting to grow your business, you'll benefit from the accountability and candid feedback you get in your mastermind group.

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How does it work?

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Is this a course or workshop?

Mastermind groups are not a business course, class, or workshop. There are no curriculum, workbooks, or instructors.

Mastermind groups are all about peer accountability and discussion. Your group will help you stay on track and make well-considered decisions, and they'll hold you accountable to make measurable progress in your business.

Will my group have all the answers?

There will be times when you face an issue in your business that no one in your group has experienced. You can reach out to the our community and network of coaches for expert, targeted advice.

The community inside MastermindJam allows you to ask questions of fellow members and get feedback from a wider range of experience.

  • “Superb matches! Still getting to know each other but already getting high value feedback & support.”
    Brandi Young
    Software Entrepreneur, MastermindJam Member Since 2015
  • Heidi Brumbaugh
    “Ken, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful service you're providing. This is SO necessary for founders. People really need to understand just how powerful mastermind groups can be. It's a revelation: you're not alone in this anymore. You have support, you have advice, and you can really trust these people. It's just so very important, and I thank you for doing this.”
    Heidi Brumbaugh
    CEO and Founder, Vocabulary Systems, Inc., MastermindJam Member Since 2016
  • “I love the mastermind group I found through MastermindJam! It was great to have people to talk with about my business who were at similar stages in terms of revenue and team size. We started off as strangers, but after a few meetings we became friends who were rooting for each other's success and holding each other accountable. Even though we eventually disbanded, we still keep in touch for support whenever we need it. Thanks again, Ken. I'm ready for my next group!”
    Jay Gibb
    CEO/Founder,, MastermindJam Member Since 2015
  • “I absolutely know that I would not be where I am today if it weren't for my participation in a mastermind group.”
    Pat Flynn
  • “Mastermind groups are one of the defining factors between kick-ass entrepreneurs and those that struggle along.”
    Natalie Sisson
  • “I see a mastermind group as a way to get a group of supportive people around you, a way to have accountability and to have people invested in your startup—mentally invested without having a co-founder.”
    Rob Walling
  • “Just had a mastermind with my group organised by MastermindJam — such an excellent use of an hour each week.”
    Richard Watson
    Software Entrepreneur, MastermindJam Member Since 2015
  • “MastermindJam is now the only resource I recommend when someone asks me where to find like-minded entrepreneurs to form a mastermind group.”
    Rob Walling
  • “There's just no doubt—I can absolutely credit being in a mastermind with boosting my revenue 10x.”
    Kurt Elster
    CEO and Co-Founder, EtherCycle Senior Shopify Ecommerce Consultant & Chicago-based Shopify Expert Host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Accountability + Feedback = Success

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Here are common questions many of our most successful customers asked before joining MastermindJam

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Do you match international entrepreneurs?

Yes! We match English-speaking entrepreneurs from nearly every time zone around the world. Our only prerequisite is that you're a fluent English speaker.

Currently, the MastermindJam app and support team are English-only. In the future, we do plan to localize the MastermindJam app into more languages, and we plan to launch matching for a wider variety of primary languages.

My business has gross revenues exceeding $100k/month. Am I in the right place?

Yes! We have entrepreneurs at every level of business to match you with. Be sure to sign up for the exclusive Verified or Verified Elite status programs for an additional yearly fee. These programs require revenue verification and allow high earners like you access to special privileges in the MastermindJam platform and special events throughout the year.

How do I pay?

You'll pay by credit card during signup when you're filling out your profile. We process cards using Stripe to ensure your information stays safe and secure.

How often will I be billed?

If you chose the monthly plan during signup, you will be billed the membership fee every month on the anniversary of your signup. If you chose the annual plan, you will be billed each year on the anniversary of your signup.

Is there a minimum commitment?

No long-term contracts are required. Cancel any time from the settings screen in the MastermindJam app — no questions asked.

What if I change my mind?

If you'd like to take a break from the program, you can pause your account at any time. Your profile will still show in search results and you will be notified about any potential matches, but as a paused member, you will need to un-pause your account before you can respond to any of those matches and participate in a group.

If you decide that MastermindJam isn't a good fit for what you're looking for, you may cancel at any time — no questions asked.

If you would like to cancel and leave MastermindJam permanently, you can request to delete all your information.

We have a no-hassle money back guarantee. If at any point you feel this isn't a good value for you, let us know and we'll refund your most recent payment.

Do you accept Paypal?

No, sorry!

While we do understand how PayPal is a vital payment method in many countries where Stripe is not supported, we do not accept PayPal at this time. We do not have plans to add support for PayPal.

Please inquire with PayPal customer support about acquiring a PayPal debit card. Many of our customers use this debit card to pay for MastermindJam services from their PayPal account.

“My mastermind group is able to give me raw, honest feedback based on their ability to empathize with me, not judge me. Advice from multiple entrepreneurs who know my business, but aren't emotionally attached to it, is vital.”

Brendan Hufford