Mastermind Group Definition

A mastermind group is a small, curated group of people who meet to help one another achieve their goals.

Mastermind Group (noun):
/ˈmastər mīnd grüp/
A small, curated group of people who meet to help one another achieve their goals.

— MastermindJam

Mastermind group meetings can take place in person, or they can happen virtually using online video meeting software.

Screenshot from an actual virtual mastermind group meeting using the MastermindJam meeting platform.

Origins and Modern Use

The phrases “Master Mind” and “Master Mind Alliance” were first coined in the early twentieth century by self-help author and lecturer Napoleon Hill, in his books The Law of Success (1928) and Think & Grow Rich (1937).

The word “mastermind” first appeared as a noun in literature as early as 1827. This word had a slightly different meaning than the phrase “Master Mind” Napoleon Hill coined in 1928.

In modern use, the terms “Master Mind” and “mastermind” are used practically interchangeably.

Mastermind (noun):

1. (n) a person who supplies the directing or creative intelligence for a project; a person who instigates or inspires a plan or mission.

2. (n) a small group of people who meet to help one another achieve their goals. Short form of the term: mastermind group.

Other terms used to describe mastermind groups include: master mind, master mind alliance, junto, consortium, brain trust, peer accountability group, meetup group, tribe, wolfpack, inner circle, or a success alliance.

Mastermind (verb):

Also: masterminded; masterminding; masterminds

1. (v) to create, concoct, or inspire a project, plan, or mission

2. (v) to collaborate, cooperate, brainstorm or conspire to solve a problem, form a plan, or create a solution.

Purpose of Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups can be useful in many settings, including: religion, health & fitness, therapy, education, treatment of addictions, and corporate career development.

Here at MastermindJam, we help entrepreneurs join business-focused masterminds.

In The Law of Success, Napoleon Hill says that a mastermind group helps to organize useful knowledge, creating a virtual encyclopedia from which each member can draw information.

Online entrepreneurs, founders, and makers often feel isolated and alone. Business-focused mastermind groups help entrepreneurs find a venue where they will feel heard and supported.

Ideal Mastermind Group Size

Mastermind group size will vary depending on whether the group is peer-driven or a facilitated (or guru-led) mastermind.

Studies show that the ideal number of mastermind group members for a peer-based mastermind is four (4).

At MastermindJam, we help entrepreneurs join curated, peer-based mastermind groups ranging in size from as few as three to as many as eight members. However, we encourage all new groups to aim for an ideal group size of four members.

Guru-led and tightly facilitated mastermind groups can often be quite a bit larger, ranging in size from as few as eight members to as many as forty. These large masterminds operate similarly to a workshop or class, but will often divide into smaller sub-groups for deeper dives into complex topics.