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MastermindJam gives you everything you need to join, manage, and more quickly see results from your peer-based mastermind group.


Mastermind groups help


What is a mastermind group?

Our mastermind groups are peer-led groups of 3-6 people who meet on a regular basis to help each other discuss and accomplish their business goals.

Why peer-led mastermind groups?

Is a mastermind group right for me?

If you're an entrepreneur wanting to grow your business, you'll benefit from the accountability and candid feedback you get in your mastermind group.

Learn more about choosing the right mastermind group

Is this a course or workshop?

Mastermind groups are not a business course, class, or workshop. There are no curriculum, workbooks, or instructors.

Mastermind groups are all about peer accountability and discussion. Your group will help you stay on track and make well-considered decisions, and they'll hold you accountable to make measurable progress in your business.

Will my group have all the answers?

There will be times when you face an issue in your business that no one in your group has experienced. You can reach out to the our community and network of coaches for expert, targeted advice.

The community inside MastermindJam allows you to ask questions of fellow members and get feedback from a wider range of experience.

“My mastermind group is able to give me raw, honest feedback based on their ability to empathize with me, not judge me. Advice from multiple entrepreneurs who know my business, but aren't emotionally attached to it, is vital.”

Brendan Hufford


Accountability + Feedback = Success

Connect with groups of likeminded entrepreneurs

Who do you talk business with?

Your mastermind group is there for you when you need to talk shop.

How does it work?

You'll follow these steps to join a mastermind group


Create Your Profile

When you register, you'll create your detailed entrepreneur profile, which is essential to being matched into a great-fitting business mastermind group.


Browse Existing Groups

Next, you'll browse existing groups who are looking to add a new member. Easily compare yourself with the other members to be sure you're a good fit.


Browse Member Profiles

At any time you can browse the member directory to invite other members to create a new group with you.


Meet Regularly

You'll meet with your group regularly using the built-in meeting room to stay on schedule, take notes, and record goals.

A mastermind group is your trusted place to share about your business

“I love that I can feel safe sharing the nitty-gritty details of my business with my mastermind group. They help me get to the bottom of how to move forward.”
Marietta J.

MastermindJam Customer

Join a mastermind group for feedback about your business from amazing founders like you.

Your mastermind group is your sounding board to speak candidly about your business.


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Better businesses.

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  • “MastermindJam is now the only resource I recommend when someone asks me where to find like-minded entrepreneurs to form a mastermind group.”
    Rob Walling

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top few most common questions many of our most successful customers asked before joining MastermindJam.

Don't see your question here?
Do you match international entrepreneurs?

Yes! We match English-speaking entrepreneurs from nearly every time zone around the world. Our only prerequisite is that you're a fluent English speaker.

Currently, the MastermindJam app and support team are English-only. In the future, we do plan to localize the MastermindJam app into more languages, and we plan to launch matching for a wider variety of primary languages.

My business has gross revenues exceeding $100k/month. Am I in the right place?

Yes! We have entrepreneurs at every level of business to match you with. Be sure to sign up for the exclusive Verified or Verified Elite status programs for an additional yearly fee. These programs require revenue verification and allow high earners like you access to special privileges in the MastermindJam platform and special events throughout the year.

How do I pay?

You'll pay by credit card during signup when you're filling out your profile. We process cards using Stripe to ensure your information stays safe and secure.

Is there a minimum commitment?

No long-term contracts are required. Cancel any time from the settings screen in the MastermindJam app — no questions asked.

What if I change my mind?

If you'd like to take a break from the program, you can pause your account at any time. Your profile will still show in search results and you will be notified about any potential matches, but as a paused member, you will need to un-pause your account before you can respond to any of those matches and participate in a group.

If you decide that MastermindJam isn't a good fit for what you're looking for, you may cancel at any time — no questions asked.

If you would like to cancel and leave MastermindJam permanently, you can request to delete all your information.

We have a no-hassle money back guarantee. If at any point you feel this isn't a good value for you, let us know and we'll refund your most recent payment.

  • “Just had a mastermind with my group organised by MastermindJam - such an excellent use of an hour each week.”
    Richard Watson
    Customer, entrepreneur in S. Africa